Meet our People!

The Founder - A Mom with a Vision:

At the heart of our outdoor kids camp is a visionary mom, our founder. Driven by a deep love for children and a passion for the outdoors, she envisioned a space where kids could not only learn but also thrive in the beauty of nature. As a mom herself, she understands the importance of creating an environment that feels like a second home for every child.

Child Educator - Guiding with Expertise:

Our team is fortunate to have a dedicated child educator who brings a wealth of expertise to the camp. With a background in child development and education, she ensures that every outdoor activity is not just fun but also a valuable learning experience. Her goal is to inspire curiosity, foster a love for learning, and guide each child through their unique journey of growth.

Passionate Assistants - Bringing the Camp to Life:

Completing our dynamic team are passionate assistants, individuals who share a genuine love for the outdoors and a commitment to creating memorable experiences for the children. Trained in outdoor safety and equipped with boundless enthusiasm, they are the heartbeat of our camp, making every adventure come alive with joy and excitement.

Collaborating with Local Artists, Farmers, and Dreamers:

In our mission to create a holistic experience, we collaborate with local artists, farmers, and dreamers. By weaving their talents and contributions into our camp activities, we not only enhance the overall experience for the children but also actively contribute to the local economy. Supporting local artisans, savoring produce from nearby farms, and sharing the dreams of local visionaries, we believe in fostering a community spirit that goes beyond the boundaries of our camp.

Collaboration, Compassion, and Curiosity:

Together, our team embodies a perfect blend of collaboration, compassion, and curiosity. We believe that the outdoors is not just a backdrop but a powerful teacher, and our team is dedicated to harnessing the transformative potential of nature to nurture the holistic development of every child.

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